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Private Residential Companies

What can we do for you

Contractors can promise many things to Private Residential Companies but most of the time, they don’t understand what the individual needs of a Private Residential Company is.

LawN & Border have been working with Private Residential Companies Since 2004 and we have been improving and refining our services ever since. There are literally thousands of companies, even in the South East of England that can offer some of the services that LawN & Border do. However, most have not had the experience that we have, or had the close personal contact with with the Company Directors and residents of the sites we look after.

We, LawN & Border, are your ‘face’ on site.  We represent you every time we attend to a property. When we do a high quality job, it reflects well on you, which helps retain resident satisfaction and hopefully avoids queries and disputes over maintenance charges. As can be seen from our reviews on the right, we pride ourselves in the highest quality of service.

For both you, as Directors, and us, LawN & Border, reputation is everything.

So, what is it we can do for you:

  • Professional Services
  • Highest Standard of Quality
  • Value for Money
  • Excellent Attendance Record
  • High Customer Satisfaction
  • Experienced Staff
  • Wide Range of Core Gardening Services
  • Commercial Cleaning Services
  • Extensive Additional Services – regular and one-off jobs
  • Standardised Specifications
  • All Year Round Attendance
  • ‘Middle-man’ liaison to Residents

As time has gone by, especially with the sites that we have been working at for more than 10 years, our role as gardeners and cleaners has evolved into that of Site Managers. We help with all aspects of the site and we are very approachable. We actively encourage residents to interact directly with us. for example, If there is hedge under a window that has grown a lot but hasnt been trimmed yet, we will reorganise and get that one done ahead of others that are due to be be done. Our flexibility keeps residents happy so you don’t have to deal with complaints from them.

Although its not a necessity, we offer our time to attend directors meetings or at the very least, the AGM, once a year so that both parties can give feedback. two way communication is the key to making a partnership like this work. Occasionally we make mistakes or miss something. if we keep a regular dialog, we can keep these to a minimum or remove them completely.

The Services we offer


  • Weekly or Fortnightly visits
  • Lawn Maintenance
  • Hedge Pruning
  • Weeding and Border Maintenance
  • Nature friendly maintenance on shrubs, perennials, etc.
  • Rubbish collection and removal
  • Regular leaf blow to keep pathways and roadways tidy
  • See Extras page for all additional services


  • Weekly or Fortnightly visits
  • Vacuuming of carpet and vinyl flooring
  • Polish/dusting of woodwork
  • Polishing internal glasswork
  • Changing bulbs (cost of bulbs extra)
  • Clearing rubbish from communal hallways
  • See Extras page for all additional services

Documentation (PDF will open in a new window when you click on them)

2016-02-23 (1)   Gardening Specification

2016-02-23 (3)   Cleaning Specification

2016-02-23   Health & Safety Policy Document

2016-02-23 (2)   Liability Insurance Document

If your ready to build a growing working relationship with a professional business, please call Nick Barban on 07973-765536 to discuss your needs or book a site visit so that we can talk through your needs, or you can click the link below

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