• Watch out for Frosts

    magnolia treeWatch out for Frosts

    Met Office has reported that there could be hard frosts this week. Unfortunately, some of the less hardy blooms that are already out, such as magnolia, could be damaged with the cold snap.

    With sub-zero temperatures on the way, it would be worth postponing planting out for a week or two

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  • Website development

    Getting There

    We are continuing to develop this LawN & Border website and are hoping it will be finished before Christmas. We hoped that it would be completed sooner but we have been exceptionally busy this autumn, especially with the leaf fall being so rapid this year.

    Mild, wet weather will mean that lawns will continue to grow quite strongly and unless the jet stream moves significantly, we could be cutting grass into the New Year. That’s assuming that the rain stops for long enough.


    With some recent updates that we have heard about regarding non-domestic waste, we are putting together a whole page just on that subject as there is so much information that is relevant and hopefully will be very useful to you.

    That’s it for now but we hope to hear from you soon.


  • New LawN & Border Website

    Welcome to the new LawN & Border website.  Unfortunately due to a miscalculation, the original site at www.lawnandborder.co.uk/wp has gone missing for moment. We hope to have it back up and running in the next week or so.

    In the meantime, you can email me at nick@nickbarban.co.uk or call me on 07973-765536 for further details, a quote request or any help you might need.

    Thank you